Wharton MBA Program Announces Establishment of Moelis Advance Access Program

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Ken Moelis W’80/WG’81 and Julie Taffet Moelis W’81 have made a $10 million gift to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to establish the Ken Moelis and Julie Taffet Moelis Advance Access Program. This program will provide highly qualified UPenn undergraduates whose academic and career interests are outside those of traditional business school students with a deferred admission opportunity. Eventually the program will grow to permit applications from the best undergraduate schools throughout the US and around the world.

The program is open to all Penn undergraduates beginning with the Class of 2018 who want a guaranteed pathway to a Wharton MBA while they pursue meaningful work experience. Students in the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering and Applied Science, School of Nursing, the Wharton School, and all other coordinated dual degrees are able to apply. Applications will be accepted starting March 2018 during Round 3 of the MBA admissions cycle.

Students admitted as Moelis Fellows have guaranteed admission to the Wharton MBA Program after a two- to four-year deferment period to be used to pursue job opportunities in fields that are of interest to them, including those that go beyond the traditional definitions of business. Moelis Fellows will submit a Declaration of Intent to enroll during each year of the deferment period, updating their employment information for verification. During this period, Moelis Fellows will also participate in professional development, mentoring occasions, and social programs. Finally, they will be considered for a $10,000 fellowship per year during the two-year full-time MBA program.

According to UPenn President Amy Gutmann, “Ken and Julie [Moelis] are encouraging students to think early about their graduate degree, venture into diverse fields after graduation, and bring these robust, interdisciplinary experiences to their Wharton MBA journey.”

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