What do the Medical School Admissions Teams Say About Admissions?

Listen Here for More About Med School Admissions!

Can you think of a better source of medical school admissions advice than the admissions committee directors and deans themselves?

Well, neither could we. And that’s why Linda Abraham, founder of Accepted and admissions guru in her own right, has been inviting med school deans, admissions directors, and other admissions insiders as guests on the Admissions Straight Talk podcast.

Get an insider’s perspective on the admissions process, how to get in, and…how to get rejected when listen to our collection of adcom interview episodes.

Listen, enjoy, and apply successfully!

Get Accepted to Baylor College of Medicine
A New Approach to Training Doctors: The University of Connecticut’s M Delta Curriculum
Get Accepted to Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine
Johns Hopkins Medical: How to Get In
Texas A&M’s EnMed: Combining Medicine, Engineering and Innovation
SUNY Upstate Medical and PA Admissions: Holistic Admissions
3 Ways Temple Can Help You Become an MD: MCAT, Postbac, Med School
A Med School With A Mission: Sophie Davis School Of Biomedical Education
Baylor College Of Medicine: A Holistic Approach To Admissions
Conversation with the Admissions Dean at Case Western Reserve University College of Medicine

Want a personal guide to help you implement this advice and get accepted to medical school? One of our experienced admissions pros would be glad to support you in your journey to med school. Click here to check out our services.

For a varied menu of thought-provoking and informative conversations with admissions leaders, medical school students, and more, check out the Admissions Straight Talk Podcast:

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