Why are Secondaries So Important?

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Now that you’ve (hopefully) finished up your primary med school application, what’s next? Ideally, not stressing yourself out by reading the forums on SDN for the next six months… That way madness lies! Instead, how about conquering your anxiety by slicing through all the noise and misinformation about med school admissions – and getting a dose of straightforward, proven strategy for your secondary applications?

We know that there are a lot of stories swirling around about the med school application process – and it can be overwhelming to be in the middle of it, wondering what’s true (and what might be something less than that). That’s why we’ve created our strategy-oriented webinar on How to Create Successful Secondary Applications. In just one hour, medical admissions expert Alicia McNease Nimonkar will show you why secondaries are so important, teach you to identify the main types of secondary questions you’ll encounter, and give you key strategies for approaching each type of question.

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The webinar is free, but you must reserve your spot! Register today.

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