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Why Millennials Should Care About Medicare Right Now

Medicare provides basic health care to one out of six Americans, most of them 65 and older. Even people decades away from retirement, though, should be concerned about Congress meddling with the program. Lawmakers understand that cutting current retirees’ benefits is a political nonstarter. Older people vote, and they have one of the most powerful…

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IMD MBA Essay Tips and Deadlines

IMD 2018-19 MBA Application Essay Tips & Deadlines

IMD, the International Institute for Management Development, in Lausanne, Switzerland, offers a 1-year MBA program focused on global general management and leadership, with a growing emphasis on digital innovation and entrepreneurship. While there are only 90 students in each class, the diversity among that class is wide: students hail from 44 countries: 41% from throughout Europe, 35% from Asia, 6% from the Middle East and Africa, 6% from North America, 10% from Latin America, and 2% from Oceania (Australia/New Zealand and the surrounding islands). Unlike programs in the US, which tend to build the bulk of their classes from students aged 26-28, IMD’s average student age is 31, and most students are in their early 30’s.

IMD has simplified its application significantly this year, requiring only one long essay and brief responses to short additional questions. My guidance is in blue.

Describe two situations, one professional and one personal that had a significant impact on your life and the learning that followed. (500 word maximum)

IMD is looking for students who have made a real difference in a complex and rapidly changing world, so stories in which you navigate that complexity to make an impact will be especially effective here. A professional story that is recent and shows leadership – with or without a leadership title – will fit nicely here. The personal story can be anything outside of work – in a volunteer/community role or even just with friends and family.

500 words total gives you around 250 words for each situation, which is not much, so follow a concise Challenge-Action-Results structure to avoid excessive detail that may distract from the essential elements.

What is your career goal : right after IMD / in 5 years / in 10 years? (Response in bullet point. 100 word maximum)

To answer this question well, you need to look to the future and predict both trends that will be emerging and the roles you hope to play in them. IMD prides itself on its graduates’ ability to transition to new industries, functions, and global locations, so these transitions can certainly be part of your bullet points. However, you must explain how your professional background and expectations for the future of the global markets will ease those transitions: you must demonstrate the logical connection between your past and these future ambitions.

Is there any additional information that is critical for the Admissions Committee to know which has not been covered elsewhere in this application? If you would like to comment on career gaps, education, GMAT/GRE, a disability or illness, please use this space. (50 word maximum)

This is very short, so don’t waste any of this space on material that will be covered by your 2-page CV or the application form. Yes, a short application like this one does require that your CV and application form carry the extra weight!

What other programs are you considering? Of the programs you are considering, what can IMD bring to you as a differentiator? (100 word maximum)

What they really want to know here is whether you realize what makes IMD great. The best way to answer this question after listing the other school names is to share some of the details you revealed through conversations with alumni and students about how IMD best fit your unique needs and ambitions.

Application deadlines are at 23:59 pm CET (Switzerland) time in the following order:

Within a maximum of 3 weeks, you will be informed whether you have been selected to participate in IMD’s exciting Assessment Day or even to be fast-tracked through an online interview.

IMD 2018-19 Application Deadlines:

IMD 2018 MBA Application Deadlines

***Disclaimer: Information is subject to change. Please check with individual programs to verify the essay questions, instructions and deadlines.***

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Steps to Understanding International Student Loans

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Why Should I Apply to Graduate School Now?

Why should I apply to grad school now?

Why should I apply to grad school now?

When is the best time to apply to graduate school? This is going to depend on a number of very individual factors – your goals, your experience, your qualifications, and others. Are you ready to take on the application process? Are you ready to go back to school? Can your work-life balance fit school into the equation? Can you afford to head back to school? Do you really need this degree? Do you really need this degree now? You have some big questions to ask yourself and some big decisions to make!

Let’s take a look at one of the most important questions – the now or later question.


Here are 6 reasons why you should apply to grad school right now:

1. You are working towards a goal

You have a specific goal that requires a graduate degree, be it an MBA, MD, JD, or any other combo of letters. You need this graduate degree to further your position towards or complete your goal.

2. You are ready for some serious job growth

You feel you are stagnating in your current position and having a degree can lead to either growth in your current job or new job opportunities.

3. You’re ready to study

You are excited about the prospect of two (or four or ten) more years of study towards your professional goal. You’re ready to shift your mindset to study-mode, and while it may be difficult to get back into the swing of tests and studying and writing papers, you’re eager to jump in and learn more to reach your goal.

4. You have the work experience

You have the level of experience desired by the graduate programs you are targeting.

5. You have the qualifications

You’ve done your research, and are confident that your grades, test scores, work/volunteer experience, and extracurriculars will measure up with other applicants to make you a competitive applicant.

6. You are being financially responsible

You have the means (or know-how to acquire the means) to pay for your education. You’ve done your due diligence to look into scholarships, grants, sponsorships, loans, or any other financial assistance that you will need to attend school, pay your bills, etc.

Goals: Don’t go any further without them

Reason #1 above is an absolute requirement for graduate admissions. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about MBA admissions, medical school admissions, graduate school, or law school admissions, you need to have a clear vision of what you want to do at the other end of the graduate study tunnel. For MBAs, that goal has to be fairly specific. For future doctors, lawyers, and other professionals, the goal can be a little more general, but still must require the education you are seeking.

Reasons #2-6 are not sufficient reasons on their own to pursue a graduate education, but in combination with #1 they are good indicators that now is a propitious time to apply.


These are 6 reasons why you should wait to apply to grad school:

1. You hate your job

You should search for a new job, not a new degree.

2. You don’t want to get a job

Hiding behind education because you’re too afraid/lazy/insecure to work is never a good idea. You’ll be blowing a whole lot of money on something you don’t really need, and guess what happens when you’re done with your education…you need to work. Welcome to being an adult.

3. Your parents offered to pay for it

This was very generous of your parents, but your best bet would be to say, “Thanks, but no thanks,” at least for now. People don’t pursue higher education simply because it’s handed over to them for free. You need to have a better reason.

4. Everyone else is doing it

If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you jump too? Exactly.

5. You always assumed you were going to go for a graduate degree and have no other plan

Our lives are full of surprises. Tomorrow may not bring what you had planned. Think hard about what you truly want for yourself, and don’t just act out of habit or based on expectations. You may not currently have a plan, but you can make a plan, and that plan doesn’t need to include a stint in degree-collecting.

6. You worry that if you don’t go now, you’ll never go

Your target school will still be around next year, and most likely in five or ten years from now as well. Try and focus on what’s good for you now, and don’t just act out of fear of missing an opportunity. If the opportunity is meant to be, you can make it happen later.

Relate to one or more of these? You will be applying for the wrong reasons and should postpone your application.

Do you need help evaluating your unique situation and determining if now is the right time to apply? Already know that the time is right, but need help with your application? Our expert admissions consultants can help you at any and every stage of the admission process. Check out our admissions services for more information.

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